Our History

Expak Logistics’ roots go back to 1966 with the founding of Marquis Southwest, a small parcel pharmaceutical-focused distribution company based in Dallas, Texas.

In 2003, Marquis merged with other logistics providers in the Western United States, serving all areas west of the Mississippi.  Today, Expak Logistics provides fixed route and dedicated vehicle distribution services across the entire United States as well as complementary warehousing and distribution solutions. 

Our long history of expertise and standards of excellence make Expak Logistics the first choice for companies seeking flexible and simplified solutions to their distribution and supply chain needs.

What We Do

We focus on your transportation needs and free you to focus on your business.

Through our extensive network of transportation assets and facilities throughout the United States, Expak Logistics can customize a logistics solution that helps you reduce bottom line transportation costs and take advantage of flexible delivery solutions.

Our expert team of transportation and supply chain specialists will custom tailor reporting, tracking, visibility, delivery, warehousing and fulfillment systems to your exact needs.

How We Do It

With a focus on your business, Expak Logistics designs the best logistics solution for every aspect of your distribution and supply chain needs no matter how simple or complex.

The knowledge and experience of the Expak Logistics management team helps seamlessly integrate your systems, policies and processes. Our priority is managing and maintaining a secure chain of custody for your products at all times, freeing you to focus on your business.