Outsourcing and management of your fleet is one of the most effective ways to reduce liability and quickly reduce transportation expenses.

Through our dedicated fleet services we provide you with end-to-end supply chain management to save you the hassle, expense, time, exposure, compliance and regulation concerns, taxation expenses and much more.

You no longer have to deal directly with problems associated with accidents, injury, workers compensation, lawsuits, recruiting, training, breakdowns, no shows and all the other interruptions that can severely disrupt and paralyze a company’s ability to handle the business that really matter – your business!

You tell us what days, times and schedules fit your business needs and we will custom-tailor a fleet and route that works for you.

We take responsibility for the management, support and concerns surrounding transportation management including:

  • Employee payroll, benefits and taxes
  • Compliance, insurance and regulation
  • Dispatching, management, scheduling, routing, performance and time commitments
  • Vehicle upgrading, downgrading, appearances and more
  • Transportation management in whole or in part to meet your unique needs, whether that’s providing you with cars and drivers, taking over full management of your transportation processes or anything in between
  • Decreasing your exposure to liability while maintaining visibility of your brand by displaying your company insignia or logo on trucks, including the driver uniform to match