• Are you looking to ship high value and/or high vulnerable items?
  • Want to warehouse your products and know they’re secure?
  • Or do you need to be sure that the trucks your products are on – and the drivers responsible for them – are keeping your shipment safe?
  • Do you have heavy or oddly shaped packages for distribution?
  • Do you want a budget-friendly logistics solution that doesn’t ask you to compromise on timing but gives you the flexibility to ship what you need, when you need it?

If so, Expak Logistics has you covered.

Whatever your shipping, delivery or warehousing needs, Expak Logistics can customize a solution to meet them. Since our beginnings in 1966 we’ve been a trusted delivery partner for timely and high-value shipments, providing cost-effective solutions and superior service.

With our roots in the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve developed a highly trained and secure network designed to meet even the most stringent requirements for scheduling, security and handling.

Since then our network has grown to accommodate industries ranging from pharmaceutical and healthcare to retail, auto parts and more.

We bring the same customer-focused service to every industry, providing benefits to our customers that include:

  • Low cost delivery for same day or next day service whether via pool distribution, dedicated fleet or air freight
  • Scanning and data capture of all parcel movement
  • Customized routes tailored to meet specific business needs
  • Complete policies and procedures for security, chain of custody and loss prevention
  • Warehousing and fulfillment services for staged inventory, and…
  • A carbon offset program for green shipping that automatically measures and offsets our customers’ carbon footprint.

Whatever your industry, you can rely on us to provide flexible, customized service for all of your logistics needs. Our team will work with you to put together the most effective solution for your business, with training, processes and procedures designed to simplify logistics for you and your staff.

Following are just some of the industries we service. Contact us to find out how we can custom tailor a cost effective and efficient logistics solution for you.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Our roots in the pharmaceutical industry go back to 1966, giving us decades of experience and deep knowledge of pharmaceutical distribution, warehousing and fulfillment. We have the education, knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you with the highest levels of service.

Our healthcare logistics services include:

  • Hospital and Pharmacy Delivery
  • Over-the Counter Product Delivery
  • Delivery of supplies, samples, controlled substances and medical equipment
  • Same Day Return of C-2 Forms
  • Next Day Delivery of Empty Totes and Return Items

Expak Logistics provides exclusive customized routing in the distribution of pharmaceuticals with knowledge about narcotics forms, return items, and the rotation of totes and containers. We operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, on a schedule that fits your shipping, delivery and warehousing needs.

Auto Parts

Expak Logistics handles distribution for the automobile and farming industries, ranging from tractor parts to car fenders. Our same day and next day delivery services ensure that you have parts in your hand when you need them. Night routes provide early AM service, and AM and PM routes are available in most major metropolitan areas.

As your logistics partner we can:

  • Create efficiencies that save you money on ground and expedited shipping
  • Easily handle, protect and secure packages of various sizes, shapes and weights
  • Ensure a hassle-free experience that saves you time so you can stay focused on your core business goals

Expak Logistics can serve as your transportation logistics partner, coordinating delivery to be more efficient and cost effective. With our extensive experience in the automobile industry, we understand the shipping and freight requirements for varied automotive-related shipments, from small package distribution to large and irregularly shaped parts.


Today’s consumers are more tech-savvy and connected, with higher expectations and less patience for consistent just-in-time delivery options. Expak Logistics can serve as your retail logistics partner, coordinating delivery to be more efficient and cost effective, whether you need to replenish inventory or have individual items delivered for local pickup.

Our retail logistics management services include:

  • Pool distribution
  • Store replenishment
  • Package returns to distribution centers
  • TMS and WMS connectivity to streamline supply chain operations
  • Scanning and data capture of all parcel movement across the entire network

Our existing distribution infrastructure serves retail distribution centers and stores across the entire continental U.S. We can provide regional overnight distribution covering your entire retail network and help coordinate efficient delivery between warehouses and various store locations. Our extensive fleet network is available 365 days of the year for customized routes and pickup/drop-off times and our warehousing services are available to manage your distribution center needs and/or specific SKU management.


From college textbooks to bookstore fiction, library distribution and bulk mail delivery including magazines, catalogs and other printed pieces, Expak Logistics can provide a quality distribution solution for your publishing needs that will help you capitalize on cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the reliability of your distributions channels.

Expak Logistics can help to:

  • Manage small package distribution at competitive prices
  • Set up pool distribution networks to keep deliveries timely while keeping costs down
  • Move assets between libraries on a customized schedule
  • Provide pick up and drop off services including warehousing and sorting
  • Deliver packages in bulk or limited quantities
  • Provide delivery services for bulk mail distribution to local post offices

We bring together the processes, experience, knowledge of the industry and extensive network of carriers to custom tailor reporting, tracking, delivery, warehousing and fulfillment systems to your exact needs.


With our extensive network and fleet of trained personnel, custom tailored delivery schedules and knowledge of regulatory and compliance issues, Expak Logistics is prepared to design a solution that fits your needs.

Our logistics and supply chain services include:

  • Securely transporting paperwork, regulatory documents and forms throughout all of your locations
  • Chain of custody processes with online tracking systems and smart analytics
  • GPS equipped vehicles and electronic reporting to track your parcel from pickup to delivery
  • Dedicated personnel trained to comply with our clients’ particular and/or stringent internal processes

Expak Logistics is available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure open and transparent communication and address your needs as they arise.

Office Supplies

Expak Logistics is experienced in providing customized logistics solutions for many of the nation’s top office supply companies. From copy paper to office machines and parts, Expak Logistics helps companies get back to work faster and more efficiently.

Our delivery services include:

  • Paper and supplies
  • Electronics and cabling components
  • Office furniture
  • Printers and scanners

With our extensive distribution network, superior fleet management and smart data tracking systems, Expak Logistics can help you realize efficiencies and save time managing your transportation and/or fulfillment system.


Expak Logistics handles distribution for all types of manufacturers including tools, automobile parts, household appliances, consumer products, finished parts, computer hardware, electronics and components and more.

As your logistics partners, we provide:

  • Timely and accurate service, whether you need air freight delivery, regional distribution or expedited ground shipping
  • Single skid to full truckload services
  • Experience delivering parcels of different shapes and sizes

Expak Logistics has the experience and handling practices to safeguard easily damaged and sensitive shipments, with special care for fragile packages of all shapes and sizes.

Restaurant Supplies

If you need an expedited parcel distribution or supply chain solution for non-food products to restaurants, schools, hotels, health care institutions and other food service customers, Expak Logistics has a tailored solution for you.

As your logistics partner we provide:

  • Inventory and supplies replenishment
  • Day or evening distribution services
  • Low cost, tailored solutions to minimize disruption to your core business

Expak Logistics can create an efficient and cost-effective logistics solution for your business. Our customer-focused approach combined with our extensive network means that your deliveries arrive on time, when you need them.