Office Supplies

office supplies

Expak Logistics is experienced in providing customized logistics solutions for many of the nation’s top office supply companies. From copy paper to office machines and parts, Expak Logistics helps companies get back to work faster and more efficiently.

Our delivery services include:

  • Paper and supplies
  • Electronics and cabling components
  • Office furniture
  • Printers and scanners

With our extensive distribution network, superior fleet management and smart data tracking systems, Expak Logistics can help you realize efficiencies and save time managing your transportation and/or fulfillment system.

When you choose us as your distribution and logistics company you can expect:

  • Flexible pickup and delivery schedules designed to help you meet the challenges and demands of an ever-changing economy
  • Smart analytic tools that give you accurate shipment and delivery data
  • Customized pool distribution solutions that help you maintain or improve service to your end consumer while reducing costs
  • Dedicated customer service with open channels of communication
  • Supply chain efficiencies that help you manage recurring costs
  • Carbon neutral distribution through our automated carbon accounting and analytics system
  • Expert handling and security for all shipments, including GPS, video surveillance and tracking

Contact us to find out how we can adapt our logistics expertise and intelligence systems to your needs.