The publishing industry is highly competitive and rapidly changing. Circulation of newspapers, magazines and other print media is down and more books are being released every day in digital format. Profitability depends on efficient operations and flexible supply chain management that is sensitive to the challenging nature of the publishing industry.

With all types of publishers looking to cut costs, you need a logistics provider that understands the needs of this unique industry and can provide solutions now and for the future.

From college textbooks to bookstore fiction, library distribution and bulk mail delivery including magazines, catalogs and other printed pieces, Expak Logistics can provide a quality distribution solution for your publishing needs that will help you capitalize on cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the reliability of your distributions channels.

We are committed to providing you with the most cost effective solution and the most reliable, timely results. The core of our business is built on our relationships with our customers and the excellence we provide to them.

Expak Logistics can help to:

  • Manage small package distribution at competitive prices
  • Move assets between locations on a customized schedule
  • Provide pick up and drop off services including warehousing and sorting
  • Deliver packages in bulk or limited quantities
  • Provide delivery services for bulk mail distribution to local post offices

We bring together the processes, experience, knowledge of the industry and extensive network of carriers to custom tailor reporting, tracking, delivery, warehousing and fulfillment systems to your exact needs.

When you choose us as your distribution and logistics company you can expect:

  • Flexible pickup and delivery schedules designed to help you meet the challenges and demands of an ever-changing economy
  • Smart analytic tools that give you accurate shipment and delivery data
  • Dedicated customer service with open channels of communication
  • Supply chain efficiencies that help you manage recurring costs
  • Carbon neutral distribution through our automated carbon accounting and analytics system
  • Expert handling and security for all shipments, including GPS, video surveillance and tracking

Contact us to find out more about how we can provide custom tailored and cost-effective logistics solutions for your business.