Chain of Custody

Security is our top priority for your high value or high vulnerability shipments and chain of custody is key in maintaining the integrity of the shipment and preventing loss. Expak Logistics has the systems, experience and processes in place to safeguard your parcels, from pickup to warehousing and delivery.

  • Web based portal with smart, simple analytical tools and key performance indicators
  • Efficient and easy to use tracking system that includes a complete bar code system
  • Scanning and data capture of all parcel movements across the entire network
  • EDI Capabilities
  • GPS-equipped vehicles
  • Geo-fenced truck monitoring at critical route points

Loss Prevention Management

Expak Logistics’ loss prevention expertise has evolved from decades of providing shipping, warehousing and security services for high value products, particularly pharmaceutical warehousing, fulfillment and distribution. Expak has deep knowledge of industry standards and we enact the most stringent requirements to protect your valuable products throughout each phase of the chain of custody.

  • Complete policies and procedures, development, training and oversight
  • Credentials and badging
  • GPS and geo-fencing
  • Closed-circuit monitoring
  • Secure-access digital video repository
  • Security cages
  • Incident investigation, evaluation and management
  • Risk and security Assessments
  • Security program development and management


Expak Logistics understands the importance of responsibility, both to our customers and to the global community as a whole. We also understand that broader ideals can sometimes conflict with a company’s bottom line. That’s why we have developed a carbon offset program that is both effective at maintaining a green shipping status while still providing cost savings to our customers.

Our carbon offset platform automatically measures and offsets our shippers’ carbon footprint. We provide automated carbon accounting and transportation analytics services that enable businesses to measure, report, and reduce supply chain emissions and costs.

  • Full automation and detailed reporting
  • Calculator considers each shipment’s weight, waypoints, mode/vehicle/distance per leg, emissions factor per vehicle
  • Shipments can be entered manually, uploaded in batches via .csv file, or sent Emissions are tracked and reported by product, vendor, customer, location, carrier, and more
  • Reporting output identifies the quantity of carbon offsets to ensure carbon-neutral deliveries for our customers


Scheduled Route System

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, Expak Logistics operates an intricate network of scheduled routes, providing customized solutions for your shipping needs. Flexibility, control and accountability creates a delivery system that meets all the demands of your parcel distribution needs.

  • Customized routes are tailored to meet your needs in the most cost effective manner
  • Barcode route manifest and customer service systems keep your business moving on time with complete accountability for your shipments
  • Using scanners, smartphone technology, and state of the art “track and trace” capabilities we provide instant access to results in the field
  • Electronic reporting provides management information to monitor all pertinent delivery metrics and service protocols