Expak Logistics can provide a customized logistics solution to meet all of your same day delivery or next-day distribution needs. With a focus on meeting your unique requirements, we can create a flexible, low-cost distribution solution that helps you maximum efficiencies, reduce expenses and simplify your supply chain management.

As your logistics partner we can build a solution that works the way your business does. We create policies, procedures and processes that are simple, clear and easy for all of your team members to understand, from management to drivers and warehouse personnel. Our goal is to simplify operations and save you time and money so your focus can stay where it belongs – on your business.

When you work with Expak Logistics you can expect:

  • Timely and accurate service
  • A complete “track and trace” system
  • Systems and reports that keep you up to date on metrics most important to you
  • A delivery model structured to solve your logistics challenges, including the need for cost-effective solutions, simplified processes and timely deliveries
  • Flexible delivery systems and pick-up and drop-off times tailored to meet your specific shipping needs and preferences
  • Multi-piece pricing, flat-rate options and expanded delivery zones with more next-day points and more Zone 2 rates
  • Extensive ground and air delivery network
  • Deep experience implementing complex processes and procedures on your behalf, including the protection of high value and delicate shipments