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Selecting A Third Party Last Mile Provider

By | Last Mile

What do you need to know about Selecting A Third Party Last Mile Provider? When it comes to logistics the last mile is always the most important one in the supply chain. It is the final connection between you and your customers. Your third party provider needs to be as concerned with representing your company as with providing the best customer service to your customer. Once you have considered pricing you must also look at a number of points before contracting your third party last mile contractor: • Are they financially secure – check them out thoroughly and their references!…

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Workforce Efficiency

4 Suggestions to Improve Workforce Efficiency within the Warehouse

By | Logistics

A November 2013 survey found that distribution center managers understand that their warehouses aren’t entirely optimal, but they lack the time, resources and strategies to greatly improve operations. Specifically, the survey found that mid-sized warehouses (approximately 50 workers) lose almost 3,000 hours a year due to workforce inefficiencies. Additionally, while 89 percent of those surveyed indicated that new technology could help managers recoup these inefficiencies, only 70 percent had conducted a thorough review of practices in the warehouse in the past year. In this post, we’ll identify four strategies to help evaluate your warehouse operations and eliminate redundant, ineffective processes. 1) Maintain…

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