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Why We Stand Out

Relationships with our customers are the foundation for everything we do. Our focus is on creating an exceptional service experience and providing cost-effective solutions custom-tailored to fit the way you do business. Our service teams understand the varied challenges of logistics and delivery management and work with you every step of the way, helping you to integrate new processes, train staff and streamline operations with minimal, if any, disruption to your business. It starts by understanding your business down to the smallest detail and ends by providing you with constant support and solutions to any problems or concerns that might come up.

Creative Solutions Going back to our founding in 1966, Expak Logistics has the experience, knowledge, and infrastructure to deliver custom solutions that meet your unique requirements for small package shipping, dedicated fleet services, regional distribution, warehousing, fulfillment services and much more. No matter how complex your needs or product specifications may be, we focus on delivering a simplified, cost-effective and flexible solution for your final mile or other logistics needs. We appreciate a good challenge and love to come up with unique solutions to unique problems and would love to hear more about your logistics needs.

Customer Service Expak Logistics’ 24/7 call center and dedicated account personnel ensure our team is always available to address your needs as they may arise. Each customer service representative is trained to know your business just as well as you do. With the necessary data at their fingertips and a trust-but-verify approach, our customer service team ensures that issues are resolved quickly and appropriately, and you can have the peace of mind to re-focus on your business, not ours. Bring any problems to us and we promise to resolve the issue as soon as we can.

Technology Expak Logistics uses state of the art technology to optimize your supply chain with tools that enhance efficiency and flexibility and provide you with the data you need when you need it. Expak’s systems centralize and automate the flow of critical data from our front line delivery network in order to manage our national and regional distribution processes, including real-time visibility, order status updates and customized reporting. With unprecedented insight into how shipments flow through our system, we are better prepared at all levels to optimize your logistics and resolve any issues that might arise.

Chain of Custody Security is our top priority for your high value or high vulnerability shipments and chain of custody is key in maintaining the integrity of the shipment and preventing loss. Expak Logistics has the systems, experience, and processes in place to safeguard your parcels all the way from pickup to warehousing and delivery. Expak Logistics’ loss prevention expertise has evolved out of decades of providing shipping, warehousing and security services for high-value products, particularly pharmaceutical warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution. Expak, as a respected logistics and supply chain company, has deep knowledge of industry standards, allowing us to put into place the most stringent requirements to protect your valuable products throughout each phase of the chain of custody.


Expak has years of experience working across a diverse cross-section of industries and are qualified to handle a broad range of supply chain services.  Expak is TSA certified and repeatedly recognized as a Parcel leader are members of the CLDA (Customized Logistics and Delivery Association), ECA (Express Carriers Association) and CargoNet. They have the expertise to work with blockchain and other emerging technologies, producing innovative new solutions to tackle the logistics problems of the future. Read more about our memberships and certifications below.

Expak is a certified Indirect Air Carrier under the authority of the Transportation Security Administration. In 2007, President Bush signed legislation requiring the Secretary of Homeland Security to screen all cargo transported on passenger aircraft at the same level as passenger checked baggage. We are a TSA Certified logistics provider ensuring that all cargo being transported through air carriers is appropriately screened and adheres to the chain of custody requirements set out by the Transportation Security Administration. Learn more about TSA Certification here.

PARCEL Certified

Expak Logistics was named as one of PARCEL’s Logistics Leaders during each of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 for small package solutions. PARCEL is the torchbearer and industry standard for logistics professionals serving the small parcel supply chain. Learn more about their mission to serve everyone in the parcel logistics process here.

Expak Logistics is a member of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). BiTA is the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world. The member-driven organization is powered by companies in the freight, transportation, and logistics industries all dedicated to using the latest in technology to offer the best service while complying with industry standards. Learn more about BiTA.

Expak Logistics is a proud charter member of CargoNet, an organization created alongside the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). CargoNet was designed to create an information-sharing network to help combat cargo theft by using a system that prioritizes efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness when it comes to sharing and reporting cargo theft information.

Expak Logistics is a member of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA), a non-profit trade association that prioritizes the interests of the logistics and delivery industry. This partnership with other industry leaders allows Expak Logistics to stay on the forefront of the industry, optimizing our operations for both cost and service.

Expak Logistics is also a member of the Express Carriers Association. The ECA helps foster relationships between businesses in the logistics industry by facilitating networks and relationships between local and regional carriers and national vendors.


At Expak Logistics we believe in being a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to service extends to our community as a whole, which is why we look for opportunities to give back and support great causes that positively impact our local community and business partners. It’s all part of our commitment to be one of the top full service logistics companies in the United States, because good business doesn’t stop at just making money. These are some of the outstanding organizations that we support:

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