Our History

Expak Logistics’ roots date back to 1966 with the founding of Marquis Southwest, a small parcel pharmaceutical delivery company based in Dallas, Texas.

In 2003, Marquis merged with other logistics providers in the Western United States, serving all areas west of the Mississippi. Today, Expak Logistics provides small package shipping via fixed route scheduled delivery, dedicated fleet services, air freight, LTL services and more across the entire United States as well as providing warehousing and fulfillment solutions.

Our deep-rooted expertise and standards of excellence make Expak Logistics the first choice for companies seeking low cost, flexible and simplified solutions to their distribution and supply chain needs.

Executive Team

Michael S. Kraus

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Schmidt

Senior Vice President

Jeff Mecca

Vice President of Operations

Why We Stand Out

Relationships with our customers are the foundation for everything we do. Our focus is on creating an exceptional service experience and providing cost-effective solutions custom-tailored to fit the way you do business. Our service teams understand the varied challenges of logistics and delivery management and work with you every step of the way, helping you to integrate processes, train staff and streamline operations with minimal, if any, disruption to your business.

Creative Solutions Expak Logistics has the experience, knowledge, and infrastructure to deliver custom solutions that meet your unique requirements for small package shipping, dedicated fleet services, regional distribution, warehousing, fulfillment and more. No matter how complex your specifications may be, we focus on delivering a simplified, cost-effective and flexible solution for your final mile or other logistics needs

Customer Service Expak Logistics’ 24/7 call center and dedicated account personnel ensure we are always available to address your needs as they may arise. Each customer service representative is trained to know your business as well as you do. With the necessary data at their fingertips and a trust-but-verify approach, our customer service team ensures that issues are resolved quickly and appropriately, and you can have the peace of mind to re-focus on your business, not ours.

Technology Expak Logistics uses state of the art technology to optimize your supply chain with tools that enhance efficiency and flexibility and provide you with the data you need when you need it. Expak’s systems centralize and automate the flow of critical data from our front line delivery network to manage our national and regional distribution processes, including real-time visibility, order status updates and customized reporting.

Chain of Custody Security is our top priority for your high value or high vulnerability shipments and chain of custody is key in maintaining the integrity of the shipment and preventing loss. Expak Logistics has the systems, experience, and processes in place to safeguard your parcels, from pickup to warehousing and delivery. Expak Logistics’ loss prevention expertise has evolved from decades of providing shipping, warehousing and security services for high-value products, particularly pharmaceutical warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution. Expak has deep knowledge of industry standards and we enact the most stringent requirements to protect your valuable products throughout each phase of the chain of custody.



At Expak Logistics we believe in being a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to service extends to our community as a whole, which is why we look for opportunities to give back and support great causes that positively impact our local community and business partners. These are some of the outstanding organizations that we support: