3 Major Supply Chain Trends To Keep an Eye On in 2019

Supply chain management is an industry in a state of constant flux. As technological improvements and logistics as a whole become more efficient and effective at moving products around, companies will continue to innovate and expand their services. In 2018 we already saw a vast improvement in the visibility of supply chains and the communication structures that surround and inform them. Continue reading

How Brick and Mortar Retailers Can Stay Competitive Against Online E-tailers

Any brick and mortar retailer knows that the current retail business is in a state of flux. The former status quo of enormous malls and expansive department stores seems more and more like a remnant of the past, especially with the recent bankruptcy filing of onetime industry king Sears. The short explanation is that the internet has shifted everything online, but that’s not the end of this tale. The truth is that the future of retail is still wide open to businesses that are willing to innovate and redefine themselves. Continue reading

5 Ways Outsourcing Logistics Can Help Businesses

No matter what size your business is, dealing with logistics on top of all your other departments can be a daunting task. Still, many companies try to do everything themselves, thinking they can save money and retain control of every facet of their operations while also expanding their business. This often proves to be overwhelming to a company, leading to reduced performance across the board. Continue reading