Breaking Down The “Ship from Store” phenomenon

In the world of retail logistics and order fulfillment, we have watched the “ship from store” trend go from a rarity to common practice in a relatively short period of time, leaving many retailers a bit puzzled about the new phenomenon. Others are left wondering what “ship from store” means, and how it is impacting the retail industry as a whole. The answer, it turns out, has a lot to do with the changes the internet has brought to the worlds of shipping and fulfillment, and the overall pressure within the industry to get products to customers faster. Continue reading

3 Major Supply Chain Trends To Keep an Eye On in 2019

Supply chain management is an industry in a state of constant flux. As technological improvements and logistics as a whole become more efficient and effective at moving products around, companies will continue to innovate and expand their services. In 2018 we already saw a vast improvement in the visibility of supply chains and the communication structures that surround and inform them. Continue reading