What Are On-Demand Warehouses?

There’s a growing trend within the e-commerce industry: direct to consumer (DTC). In the past, companies would need to open a physical store, invest in complex websites, and spend thousands on advertising. Today, savvy solopreneurs can open a simple one-page online shop and sell directly to their social media followers. Sound too goo to be true?

One cost that hasn’t changed is the cost of storing and fulfilling physical goods in warehouses. The warehousing bill for the United States ran to $153 billion in 2018, and that’s only going to increase as we move through the early 2020s. But there’s a new solution making waves within this evolving industry – on-demand warehousing.

But what exactly does this solution entail, and how can it help small retailers compete?
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Why Manufacturers Should Work with a 3PL Logistics Company

The best and worst problem a business can have is being overwhelmed by order growth. It’s fantastic that consumers are interested in buying your product, but your business will suffer if you break customer trust by not fulfilling your shipping and fulfillment promise. When you are overwhelmed by order growth, you lose the opportunity to be fully focused on the growth of your business because you are instead devoting attention to order fulfillment and processing. 

The solution to your problem is simple: partnering your business with a 3PL logistics management team and warehouse.

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