Carrier to pay broker $6M for load stolen by cargo thieves

To preface this story – We take great pride to ensure we understand our clients’ needs and the risks associated therewith. If we were moving high value goods, we would know prior and ensure we have the proper insurance and security procedures. Further, we push down similar documented requirements on our carriers. Lastly, if we had an issue with a carrier, that is our problem, not our clients.

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Trucking Growth Remains in the Cards

Trucking growth remains in the cards, ATA says in new report

Amid the talk and coverage about things negatively impacting the trucking industry like increasing regulations, tight capacity, and equipment-related issues and challenges, there is one thing to always remember about the sector: it moves a lot of freight, make that more than a lot, actually.

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Material Handling Industry Called to Increase Customer Education

Industrial buyers don’t always seek out professional advice before making capital investments, a new report states.

Companies are increasing their investments in equipment and systems that keep track of inventory and customer information and improve order fulfillment, according to an annual market report from MHI. However, these companies don’t always seek the guidance they need to make wise choices. Their spending is a response to the need to contain operational costs, improve responsiveness to customer demands and increase production capacity and capabilities.

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