Breaking Down The “Ship from Store” phenomenon

In the world of retail logistics and order fulfillment, we have watched the “ship from store” trend go from a rarity to common practice in a relatively short period of time, leaving many retailers a bit puzzled about the new phenomenon. Others are left wondering what “ship from store” means, and how it is impacting the retail industry as a whole. The answer, it turns out, has a lot to do with the changes the internet has brought to the worlds of shipping and fulfillment, and the overall pressure within the industry to get products to customers faster. Continue reading

The 2018 ALA Conference Comes to New Orleans

The 2018 American Library Association (ALA) Conference, which will take place in the beautiful and historic city of New Orleans from June 21-26, is a big event for the library world. This year’s conference will be a star-studded one. Speakers include former first lady Michelle Obama and actresses Sally Field and Viola Davis, among many other notables. All will be there to support the mission of libraries around the world in helping more people have access to books, information and valuable resources to enrich their lives. Continue reading