Material Handling Industry Called to Increase Customer Education

Industrial buyers don’t always seek out professional advice before making capital investments, a new report states.

Companies are increasing their investments in equipment and systems that keep track of inventory and customer information and improve order fulfillment, according to an annual market report from MHI. However, these companies don’t always seek the guidance they need to make wise choices. Their spending is a response to the need to contain operational costs, improve responsiveness to customer demands and increase production capacity and capabilities.

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The 5 Drivers of Distribution Complexity for Midsized Companies

Managing the flow of goods to your customer has never been more complex. Whether it is compliance labeling, EDI, or other value added services; customers continue to demand more from their suppliers.

This can seem overwhelming for small to midsized businesses who may lack the expertise or budget to deal with these challenges. This white paper will outline five drivers of distribution complexity for midsized businesses.

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Four Strategies to help Evaluate your Warehouse Operations

A November 2013 survey found that distribution center managers found that their warehouses aren’t entirely optimal, but they lack the time, resources and strategies to greatly improve operations.

Specifically, the survey found that mid-sized warehouses (approximately 50 workers) lose almost 3,000 hours a year due to workforce inefficiencies.

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