Loss Prevention Management and the Chain of Custody

Expak Logistics is one of the most trusted third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the country, and our 3PL capabilities provide additional value and extra security where other delivery services fall short.

Chain of Custody and Loss Prevention Management

Our chain of custody protocol and loss prevention management are two key areas that help us support exceptional and reliable results for our customers. With industry-leading technology, disciplined delivery strategies and strong security systems in place, Expak Logistics is a preferred logistics provider for a wide variety of industries and business sectors.  It all starts with our proven chain of custody structure, while our loss prevention methods help ensure more consistent, dependable and secure delivery services.

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Reliable Logistics For Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry has been growing steadily throughout the 2000s, rising to sales that hit nearly a trillion dollars.  That, coupled with the fact that the United States alone represents over 45 percent of the global market, stresses the immense importance U.S. pharmaceutical companies must place on dependable logistics management to maintain their position in this ultra-competitive environment. Hospitals, primary care physicians, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, and many other healthcare establishments rely on medicines being readily available in order to care for their patients. The accessibility of these medicines can come during critical life or death situations, and without a consistent and trustworthy logistics partner, the pharmaceutical industry and the people that depend on obtaining the proper treatments would suffer.

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Santa Claus: Master of Supply Chain Management

You may be facing stiff competition in your industry, but on your most stressful days take a moment to feel grateful that you aren’t competing against the ultimate all-time master of supply chain management. No question, the Santa Claus operation would easily crush the efforts of any small or large company — with nary more than twinkling wink and a cheerful swipe with a white-gloved fist.

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