With 50+ years of providing supply chain solutions, this is not our first rodeo. Expak Logistics has and continues to serve customers across a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical delivery, library courier, auto parts delivery, optical and dental logistics, office supplies and, more recently, E-commerce, just to name a few. As a result, we are continuously refining best practices, adopting new processes and technologies as well as observing and adapting to the evolving needs of our clients.

Regardless of your industry, product or service, Expak Logistics’ national distribution network and full service suite of delivery, warehousing and fulfillment services provides a solution to your supply chain needs. Our relentless pursuit of operational improvement, premium customer service and competitive pricing allows us to serve as an anonymous, yet critical extension of our clients’ dedication to their customers. The final result is peace of mind for our clients, giving them the confidence to focus their precious resources on growing, not managing their business. And if that is not convincing enough, don’t ask us, ask our customers!

To stay competitive, pharmacies know Expak Logistics is the right pharmaceutical delivery partner for their high value products and expedited delivery requirements.
Library networks of all sizes trust Expak Logistics to move their content and materials to their patrons safely, on-time and on-budget.
Optical labs and doctors’ offices partner with Expak Logistics to deliver glasses, contacts and — most importantly — customer satisfaction.
Dental labs, offices and, most importantly, their patients are in reliable hands with Expak Logistics handling their dental courier needs.
Whether you need auto parts in the store, at the shop, or directly to your customer, Expak Logistics is your trusted delivery partner.
Expak Logistics’ delivery breadth and expertise ensures our E-commerce customers remain competitive in the face of rising customer expectations.
As retailers continuously improve their business model to address increased competition and evolving shopping experiences, Expak Logistics has the knowledge, agility, and experience to support retailers changing needs.
No matter what is inside your critical packages, you can count on Expak Logistics to provide flexible customized service and affordable logistics solutions for all of your supply chain needs.
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