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Online sales continue to grow at an astounding rate in the United States. Feeding off of this massive growth, several online retailers have gained impressive amounts of market share, wielding enormous power in the industry. One of the main things they’ve done with this power is shifting the expectations that customers have surrounding online delivery, making things like same day, next day and two-day delivery less of a premium service and more of a standard.
As a result, today’s e-tailers are faced with unprecedented expectations when it comes to meeting consumer demand, competing against businesses that have the ability to offer same day delivery on select items. This goes for all sorts of e-tailers, including those in the business of drop shipping and eBay sales. Though same day delivery has yet to become the norm for every available product, we live in a world where next day e-commerce delivery is considered the standard. Still, many sellers are willing to get it to you on the same day for the exact same price.

These heightened expectations from customers combined with the limitless online availability of products has made the Direct to Consumer marketplace more competitive than ever before, forcing them to consider the realities of same day fulfillment The largest retailers have used their extensive resources to harness distribution networks stretching far and wide across the United States, gaining a leg up on smaller online retailers that aren’t able to benefit from the same infrastructure.

In order to survive, companies have no choice but to partner with a reptuable 3PL logistics company and continuously test and evolve their e-commerce logistics and distribution strategies. Though there isn’t one correct way to go about managing a supply chain, there are many strategies that are consistently being used by many retailers today:

  • Big corporations have regionalized their supply chains to best support a quick fulfillment strategy. They are deploying outsourced fleets, like Expak Logistics, to benefit from later order cut-off times, earlier e-commerce deliveries, and better visibility, all at a reduced cost.
  • Other e-tailers and retailers are taking on expert supply chain partners to support regional distribution and fulfillment for their products. Expak e-commerce courier services strategically place inventory in key markets for quicker e-commerce delivery to ensure companies remain competitive in a market where prompt delivery is key. If you need regional warehousing around the country closer to consumer demand, we can help.
  • Other e-commerce companies are leveraging some type of a pool distribution strategy. This can result in costly physical expansion into an increasingly decentralized distribution strategy with multiple distribution centers blanketing the country.
  • There are certain companies, of course, that continue to approach it in the traditional fashion, and utilize national parcel carriers, which come with higher cost and no personalized service.

Regardless of which strategy our e-commerce customers choose, the end goal is always the same… getting their products to their customers quicker, more consistently, and at the lowest cost possible.

Regardless of which strategy our e-commerce customers choose, the end goal is always the same… getting their products to their customers quicker and with certainty, cost effectively.

In support of these market dictated demands, Expak Logistics offers a suite of e-commerce logistics and courier support services to help our customers compete more effectively:

  • Regional Small Parcel Delivery – Later pickup and earlier e-commerce delivery times that help you meet the challenging demands of this fluid market
  • Pool Distribution – For heavy, consistently recurring delivery volumes, we employ nightly line hauls for timely submission to our regional e-commerce logistics network, allowing for a tailored route delivery schedule
  • Final Mile Delivery – Customized package delivery, including white glove service when required
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment – Customers can strategically position inventory throughout our e-commerce delivery network, minimizing storage costs while maintaining the agility for dependable same day or next day fulfillment

To assist your e-commerce business with the best in supply chain management, we employ a 24/7 call center to help you every step of the way. If you have questions about our services or any concerns about a delivery, our team would love to guide you.

Got a question about the variety of logistics and supply chain strategies that you can implement? Want to know exactly how our services can help you improve the speed and efficiency of your supply chain? Our trained team members are experts on the ins and outs of your e-commerce business and can help you with anything you want to know, no matter how simple or complicated the logistics question.

Expak Logistics is the ideal partner to help you compete in the ever changing world of online retail. Please contact us to see how Expak can help streamline your e-commerce supply chain strategy and deliver exceptional results to your consumers.

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