Mid Atlantic Logistics Solutions

Mid Atlantic Logistics Solutions

Wherever you base your operations out of, Expak Logistics has your shipping in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond covered. Our team is composed of experienced supply chain experts that provide impeccable service to businesses from coast to coast—even in more out-of-the-way places like Alaska and Hawaii, where shipping can be a real challenge. Along with the wide range of geographic areas where we offer our services, we also tackle projects for all different types of companies, crafting a unique logistics plan to meet the unique needs of every customer. Here at Expak, we pride ourselves on resourcefulness, flexibility and providing the best logistics solution for every company, every single time.

The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States is one of the busiest parts of the country, host to many types of businesses and some of the best food, culture and entertainment in the nation. Millions of people live in historic metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Pittsburgh, cities with a plethora of hard-working companies that need their products to reach a wide area. More than anything, these businesses require a logistics provider they can trust. Expak would love to help you navigate one of the densest and wealthiest areas of the country, with its large tracts of urban areas and fast-paced consumer culture. We can guide you by providing effective supply chain solutions for the Mid-Atlantic area or to any other part of the country. Our comprehensive approach will also help free up valuable members of your team to focus on other important company tasks.

Leave all of your logistics challenges up to Expak. For import hubs like Newark, where you often have to consider a breadth of services including drayage, warehousing, and distribution, Expak can provide a better and complete logistics solution. When that burden of shipping schedules and transport issues to and from the regional areas is taken off your shoulders, you can stop worrying and concentrate on the core functions of your business and accomplish more in the process. This applies to your business whether you’re involved in manufacturing, fulfillment or warehouse services. If you need to concentrate on shipping to a specific region to or from the Mid-Atlantic, we have you covered. We can also easily expand your logistics network from the Mid-Atlantic to a broader or even national scope, if needed. No matter the location, we can help you get your time-sensitive shipments exactly where they need to be—safe, secure and right on schedule.

Here at Expak, our services are affordable and effective. Let us help you get back to work. To contact Expak about putting together your new and improved supply chain plan for the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, please fill out this form and tell us what services will be beneficial to your business. You can also call us anytime during business hours to chat about how Expak can make your shipping operations easier to manage, more efficient, and highly cost effective. We’ll also show you how this can lead to better return on investment and higher profitability across your company. We can’t wait to start working with you.

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