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Operating a fleet of delivery vehicles is a complex and time-consuming task. From hiring drivers to managing routes, payroll, taxes, insurance, vehicle maintenance costs, safety compliance, and more – it can easily interfere with the efficiency of your core business operations.

By outsourcing your fleet management function to Expak Logistics, you can:

Eliminate the time and expense of managing drivers and vehicles
Avoid driver staffing problems due to high turnover and absenteeism
Remove training, legal, and HR compliance costs from your P&L
Eliminate contingent liability risk, including vehicle accidents, employee injury claims and lawsuits
Provide better, more consistent service to your customers

Outsourcing your fleet management with a 3PL logistics company can lower liability and reduce transportation expenses – if you get the right vendor. That’s why more companies are turning to Expak Logistics for our customized, end-to-end transportation management solutions.

Whether you just need vehicles and drivers, want us to assume full management of your transportation processes, or anything in between, Expak Logistics provides affordable transportation management solutions tailored to your unique needs. With Expak, you get all the benefits of a private fleet without the hassles of managing one.

Dedicated Fleet Services
that Fit Your Needs

When switching to Expak Logistics for their regional distribution and scheduled package deliveries, our customers benefit from:

Conducting up-front due diligence, including site visits and interviews with your team. This ensures we understand your workflow and how your personnel and customers interact within it.

Recommending strategies to improve workflow elements that cause friction with customers and suppliers.

Documenting and clearly communicating procedures to ensure our people are crystal clear on their roles and responsibilities as well as institutionalizing the processes so know-how and best practices are company assets, not proprietary driver assets.

Back-up drivers and vehicles always ready so a driver absence doesn’t become a missed delivery.

Customizing our technology to help streamline processes, trouble-shoot problems and eliminate or reduce the need to solve the same problem multiple times.

Providing dedicated customer service to address issues in a consistent manner and track all issues through resolution.

Continuously assessing our performance, including the ability to identify and solve recurring problems, to ensure we are meeting service levels.
Peace of Mind

With our dedicated fleet management solutions, you can forget about dealing directly with recruiting, payroll, accidents, injury, no-shows, workers compensation lawsuits and other interruptions that can paralyze your business. As a full-service dedicated logistics provider, we do it all for you!

Customized routes and fleets. You tell us when and where you need to receive deliveries and we create a fleet and route to match those needs. Whether you need cars, vans or trucks, we tailor our dedicated fleet services to your schedule and volume of deliveries.

Eliminate seasonality problems. Does your network-based fleet struggle to keep up with demand during peak seasons? Is it underutilized during off seasons? Expak Logistics provides you with a fleet that easily adjusts to the volume and number of deliveries – regardless of the season.

Maintain brand visibility. If desired, we will display your company insignia or logo on every dedicated fleet truck, and our drivers wear uniforms that match.
We put the "Full" Back in Full Service

As a full-service dedicated fleet provider, we take responsibility for management and oversight of the following:

Compliance, insurance and regulation,

Dispatching, scheduling, routing, performance and time commitments

Vehicle maintenance and appearance, including upgrading and downgrading

Security to ensure the chain of custody throughout the supply chain

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