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With a focus on meeting our client’s unique requirements, we can create an adaptable,low-cost distribution solution that helps maximize output, reduce expenses and simplify the supply chain.

While FedEx and UPS are the clear dominant national parcel players in the U.S., in recent years, many companies have realized that there are cost savings and service enhancements available by utilizing regional parcel delivery services for their scheduled courier and small package delivery needs. While FedEx and UPS are undoubtedly very capable providers, their networks, terms of service and pricing are more rigid, which may not create the best solution for a particular customer’s supply chain. As customer expectations continue to increase and competition grows, more and more companies are turning to Expak Logistics to enhance their parcel distribution strategy. Expak takes

a consultative approach to your parcel spend, providing solutions as to how best to achieve your highest priority regional distribution goals. As your logistics and delivery partner, we build solutions that accommodate the needs and workflows of YOUR business. Whether your company would benefit from later pick-up times, dependable and consistent delivery windows, improved package visibility, or otherwise, Expak develops custom regional distribution solutions centered on improving your supply chain while minimizing disruption and distraction to your personnel. Our goal is to simplify operations, and save you time and money so your focus can stay where it belongs – on growing your business.

When on-boarding new business, Expak doesn’t simply add your small parcels onto our routes and call it a day. Our work starts well before the first scheduled delivery. Our sales, operations and technology teams first ensure that they fully understand our customer’s needs and goals, and adapt a solution to meet, if not exceed, our customer’s expectations.

A Deliberate Approach
to Serving Our Customers

When switching to Expak Logistics for their regional distribution and scheduled package deliveries, our customers benefit from:

A national ground and air pool distribution network covering the entire United States providing later pick up times and same day/next day deliveries

Technology solutions leveraging both off-the-shelf systems and customized solutions, including our ExpakShip and ExpakConnect proprietary software packages, to provide the integration and visibility that meet the needs of each individual client

Security systems and procedures, including GPS-monitoring, video surveillance, seals, locks, cages, variable routing, background checks ensuring a secure chain of custody from pick-up through delivery for your high value products

Customized pricing options with no hidden surcharges, including flat rate per stop, multi-piece or otherwise to provide you with the certainty and predictability to manage your logistics and delivery budget.

Delivering a Service

When choosing a scheduled courier or small package delivery partner for your same day or next day delivery needs, you have an abundance of choices. But, Expak Logistics is the only choice for those customers in need of an affordable price and extensive network coverage, along with high quality service and reliability.

Expak Logistics’ 24/7 customer service team is cross-trained on each client’s specific needs and workflow. Our customer service technology solutions ensure each customer service representative has immediate access to each individual customer’s SOPs, route schedule, contact information and more to respond quickly and accurately to any and all service issues

Our proactive approach to service is predicated on eliminating distractions, and providing customers clear expectations and reliability to their supply chain so they can focus their efforts on their core responsibilities. If your business relies on small parcel shipping, dependable regional distribution, or recurring deliveries, call Expak Logistics today!

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