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First and foremost, Expak Logistics ensures that your packages are secure from the moment we take possession.

Your cargo is stored in our warehousing facilities with the utmost care, minimizing touch points while maximizing accessibility. When orders are placed, shipments get out the door on time, in the right quantity, and our fulfillment services deliver as promised…every time. Additionally, our warehouse services network ensures product security with alarms, camera surveillance, and enhanced security features for high-value goods when absolute certainty is the only acceptable standard of care. We require our partners to follow clearly documented procedures that reinforce our rigid operational and security requirements.

At Expak Logistics we understand that business requirements flex quite a bit throughout the year. Agility is our standard. Reliability and trust are our foundation. If you’re tired of carrying the burden of managing your own warehousing and fulfillment operations, you have a complex project that will exceed your current capabilities and/or capacity, or you are not satisfied with your current 3PL partner, we are here to help!

A Full Suite to Keep Your Supply Chain Moving

Expak Logistics’ warehousing and fulfillment services offer:

  • Visibility throughout the supply chain
  • Automation to minimize manual processes and client burden
  • Fast and accurate pick-and-pack services
  • Inventory management and reporting
  • Drop shipping
  • Re-packing and other custom services
  • EDI integration
  • FBA compliant (fulfillment by Amazon)

When you choose us as your warehousing and fulfillment provider, you can expect:

  • Proof of delivery reporting (POD)
  • Inbound/Returns management
  • Project Management
  • Clearly documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

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