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Expak’s roots can be traced back to 1966 and has been the choice for many companies, large and small, for their regional distribution, warehousing and fulfillment needs throughout the United States. Expak Logistics allows you to capitalize on excellent, simplified and flexible same day and next day delivery over the entire United States at a competitive or reduced rate to what you currently pay for ground. When including our warehousing and fulfillment services, we can offer a complete turnkey solution for your supply chain needs.

We place an emphasis on excellence and customer service with flexible tailored solutions to meet your needs. With no weight reporting necessary, no special packaging, no size reporting, and simplified billing & pricing, we make it easy. Our team of sales consultants, operational management & IT will tailor together with you, the most cost efficient, effective & flexible solution for your parcel distribution needs. Contact us today!

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Carrier to pay broker $6M for load stolen by cargo thieves

Carrier to pay broker $6M for load stolen by cargo thieves

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To preface this story – We take great pride to ensure we understand our clients’ needs and the risks associated therewith. If we were moving high value goods, we would…

Trucking Growth

Trucking Growth Remains in the Cards

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Trucking growth remains in the cards, ATA says in new report Amid the talk and coverage about things negatively impacting the trucking industry like increasing regulations, tight capacity, and equipment-related…


Material Handling Industry Called to Increase Customer Education

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Industrial buyers don’t always seek out professional advice before making capital investments, a new report states. Companies are increasing their investments in equipment and systems that keep track of inventory…

Delivering the Final Smile

Last Mile Delivery – Delivering the Final Smile

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What is Delivering the Final Smile all about? It’s dangerous to take a “hands-off” approach to customer service. That’s the conclusion of a recent CAPS Research report authored by Mei…