Our Promise To You

  • Delivery schedules tailored to balance your particular service needs
  • Same- or next- day service at competitive rates
  • One stop shopping for regional distribution, air freight, dedicated fleets, warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Straightforward and simplified billing
  • An extensive transportation and delivery network
  • Customized reporting and tracking
  • Security procedures to ensure the chain of custody of your goods throughout the supply chain, including GPS monitoring and video surveillance

Expak Logistics offers a low cost, flexible, customer-centric solution for fixed route and dedicated fleet parcel and small package distribution and delivery.

Since 1966 we’ve been servicing companies large and small throughout the United States for their regional distribution, dedicated fleet, air freight, warehousing and fulfillment needs.

Low Cost Solutions

To stay competitive in a modern world, every business needs to find ways to control costs and reduce expenses. Shipping, logistics and supply chain management can present many opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Our goal is to help you reduce those costs by finding solutions that work for your unique delivery and warehousing needs.

Flexible Logistics Management

Reducing costs doesn’t have to mean compromising on services. Our solutions can save you money and are also custom tailored to meet your supply chain needs.

Our team of sales consultants, operational management & IT staff will work with you to tailor the most cost efficient, effective and flexible solution for your parcel distribution needs.

A Customer-Centric Approach

We don’t just provide a service, we build trusted and lasting partnerships. You and your business are our top priority and at the center of our service commitment. We understand that each industry and each business faces unique challenges when it comes to supply chain management. That’s why we spend time getting to know your business so we can create a dedicated customer service solution that works for you.


Selecting A Third Party Last Mile Provider

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What do you need to know about selecting a third party last mile provider? When it comes to logistics, the last mile is always the most important one in the supply chain.What is last mile delivery? It is the movement of goods from a transportation depot or hub to the final destination. It is the final connection between your products and your customers, and often a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Your third party last mile provider should be as concerned with representing your company, as your company is with providing the best customer service to your customer. Outside…

Loss Prevention Management and the Chain of Custody

Loss Prevention Management and the Chain of Custody

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Expak Logistics is one of the most trusted third-party logistics (3PL) providers in the country, and our 3PL capabilities provide additional value and extra security where other delivery services fall short. Chain of Custody and Loss Prevention Management Our chain of custody protocol and loss prevention management are two key areas that help us support exceptional and reliable results for our customers. With industry-leading technology, disciplined delivery strategies and strong security systems in place, Expak Logistics is a preferred logistics provider for a wide variety of industries and business sectors.  It all starts with our proven chain of custody structure,…

Pharmaceutical logistics

Reliable Logistics For Pharmaceuticals

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The pharmaceutical industry has been growing steadily throughout the 2000s, rising to sales that hit nearly a trillion dollars.  That, coupled with the fact that the United States alone represents over 45 percent of the global market, stresses the immense importance U.S. pharmaceutical companies must place on dependable logistics management to maintain their position in this ultra-competitive environment. Hospitals, primary care physicians, urgent care facilities, pharmacies, and many other healthcare establishments rely on medicines being readily available in order to care for their patients. The accessibility of these medicines can come during critical life or death situations, and without a…

Trucking Growth

SMEs have the advantage when it comes to logistics

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Black Friday and Christmas both epitomize the importance of logistics and the supply chain to companies wanting to keep ever more demanding customers content. To keep shelves stacked and meet same or next-day delivery obligations, businesses are having to work with an ever-increasing range of specialists who have managed to identify and fill a niche. This ability to see the opportunities in gaps left by the huge players puts SMEs in an advantageous position according to Richard Wilding, professor of supply chain strategy at the Cranfield School of Management, and chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. “SMEs…

Are you looking to switch vendors?

Expak Logistics makes it easy for you to switch from your current vendor so we can provide you with a flexible, competitively priced solution that fits your business needs. We manage the process and help get everyone on board, from top management down to the mail room personnel so your transition is smooth and fast, with minimum disruption to your business. Contact us to find out how we can help you save money on a custom logistics solution.