Selecting A Third Party Last Mile Provider

By July 8, 2014Last Mile

What do you need to know about Selecting A Third Party Last Mile Provider? When it comes to logistics the last mile is always the most important one in the supply chain. It is the final connection between you and your customers. Your third party provider needs to be as concerned with representing your company as with providing the best customer service to your customer.

Once you have considered pricing you must also look at a number of points before contracting your third party last mile contractor:

• Are they financially secure – check them out thoroughly and their references!

• Is there ownership or management involvement.

• Will there be dedicated operational staff that you can contact.

• Is there ongoing training, and certification where required, of all customer facing personnel ?

• Are they licensed and insured to meet or exceed industry standards?

• Do they have or have secured needed assets and/or network that cover necessary territories they serve?

• Do they offer technology that integrates with retail systems?

• Will you have access to online, real time status of all deliveries?

• Do they offer continual monitoring for on-time deliveries?

• Are there communications systems and protocols in place to confirm delivery or notify of any delays?

• What is their flexibility in offering a range of delivery options to satisfy customers needs?

• Do they have staff, skilled and trained, to assemble or install items being sold and delivered?

• Does the Management Reporting tool provide the information you need to see?

• What are their aftercare service procedures – from touchup, to removal of the old merchandise and debris, to full reverse logistics services?

Once you have discussed the above items you should be fully confident in the third party provider you choose for your last mile deliveries.

What we do:

Through our extensive network of transportation providers and facilities throughout the entire United States, Expak Logistics can create maximum efficiencies for the greatest value. Our expert team of transportation and supply chain specialists custom tailor reporting, tracking, visibility, delivery, warehousing and fulfillment systems to your exact needs.

How we do it:

With a constant focus on the highest levels of service, Expak Logistics provides or finds the best provider for every aspect of a customer’s specifications, no matter how easy or complex, for distribution and/or supply chain needs. The knowledge and experience of the Expak Logistics management team helps seamlessly integrate your systems, policies and processes. Our priority is managing and maintaining a secure chain of custody for your products at all times, thus freeing our clients to focus on their core competencies.