Regional Sameday

Expak Logistics has the knowledge and expertise to coordinate critical same day shipments from anywhere within the U.S. Our professional team and affiliates provide ground and air solutions for all of your time-sensitive shipping needs.

  • Innovative technology provides control and security for your shipments..
  • Our extensive connections, service and shipping options ensure value.
  • A knowledgeable management team focus on your business and timely deliveries.
  • Regardless of the size, origin or destination, whether you need an on-demand or a scheduled shipment, you can rely on to deliver.

Dedicated Routes

Outsourcing and management of your fleet is one of the smartest things a supply chain company can do to reduce liability and positively affect your transportation budget bottom line. Our dedicated fleet services bring experience and efficiency to the movement of your product to better serve your transportation needs at highly reduced costs. With complete end-to-end transportation management we save you the hassle, expense, time, exposure, compliance, regulation, taxation, and much more, while freeing up your resources to focus on your core business goals.

Decreasing your exposure to liability does not mean decreasing visibility to your target market. We can customize the vehicles to proudly display your brand, insignia or logo, including the driver uniform to match. Visibility is also important in tracking the product movement within the delivery network.

Dedicated Fleet Management outsourcing is a must for today’s business and regulatory environment. We take the responsibility for payroll, benefits, taxes, compliance, regulation, dispatching, management, vehicle upgrading and downgrading, routing, scheduling, performance, time commitments, appearances, and more. You are no longer dealing directly with problems associated with accidents, injury, workers compensation, lawsuits, recruiting, training, breakdowns, no shows and all the other interruptions that can severely disrupt and paralyze a supply chain company’s ability to handle the business that really matters…your business!


  • Web-based order placement
  • Single skid to full truckload services
  • Lift-gate services
  • Electronic data interface
  • GPS and geo-fencing
  • Hazardous materials